02 September 2021

What is a webinar, really?

Josh Lewis

Webinars are not new to the communications game. But that doesn’t mean you know exactly what they are or how to do them well. So, if you’re looking to find out more about webinars or up your webinar game by understanding them better than this is the post for you.

A webinar (or web seminar) is a live online conference or presentation. They will generally be interactive, with participants getting information, asking questions and discussing all in real-time.

They are a staple of many listed companies and are proven to get results for businesses.

Webinars give your business an opportunity to connect with investors, tell your story and answer key questions in a controlled format. They usually consist of a welcome message, speaking of presenters, a Q&A and closing comments.

To view your webinar investors, must register. This is a great opportunity to build your mailing list. Which means, market it well across your media channels. A well-prepared webinar can have hundreds of registrants all who provide their contact details. While most webinars will have less than 100 people tune in live many will still watch the video at a later date. In fact, less than 50% of registrants sign up with the intention of viewing a webinar live.

Previously we have talked about the importance of video content to a company’s communication and webinars are a big part of this. Most video content that is shared online is short form. Meaning videos are usually less than two minutes long. Webinars on the other hand are usually between thirty and sixty minutes long. When you’re asking people to stare at their computer screens for up to an hour you have to give them something interesting to stare at. It helps if you can also give them something interesting to do.

This is where polls and surveys come in. Adding a poll and survey to your webinar not only allows you to gather more information about viewers during the webinar but it also helps to monitor viewer engagement. Other engaging content includes visual slides and aids. These are an important feature of webinars because they facilitate learning, as well as communicate crucial points to audience members.

After the webinar don’t let it go to waste. You need to share the recording on socials and through your media channels. Follow up with your registrants and make sure they have a link to view the video. Just because the webinar is over doesn’t mean you stop. Keep sharing your story to ensure the best results.

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