HMG Heavy Engineering

HMG Heavy Engineering works with companies in Australia and Asia Pacific to improve the uptime of their heavy machinery and fixed plant equipment.

  • Media Relations
  • Communications & Content
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Brand & Creative
  • Digital Services

Republic has been working with HMG since 2010 to manage their marketing and external communications. In 2017, ahead of their 60th anniversary, HMG recognised that the business had expanded beyond hardchroming and needed a new way to communicate who they are today, while not abandoning their past.

Republic surveyed staff, customers and the Executive to arrive at a brand proposition that would define the company’s purpose and raise the company’s trajectory looking forward. “Built to last” conveys not only why HMG exists but why they sustain.

We worked with our design team to create a new corporate identity that was contemporary and expressed the company’s industrial roots. Republic then used this brand to plan, write and develop a new website to provide a cornerstone for HMG’s business development campaign.

We are currently serving HMG’s sales team to identify new leads as well as convert prospects into purchase orders. Strategy is at the centre of all our work which includes business prospecting, presentations, social media management, LinkedIn posts, media relations, and the creation of sales collateral.

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